Der neue Schaumwein ALTHEA „SUI LIEVITI“
18 Juni 2021

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The National Quality System of Integrated Production is a voluntary production system that ensures at the consumer a product grown with sustainable techniques that respect the environment and human health.

The Brand, more commonly known by the abbreviation of SQNPI and the characteristic bee logo, identifies agricultural and agri-food products whose production methods comply with the technical standard of integrated production, which is defined as follows: "The agri-food production system uses all means of production and defense of agricultural production from adversity, aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles".

This integrated production system was established by Law no. 4 of 3 February 2011. Company membership is provided for individuals or associated through Consortia, Cooperatives, and Associations. Having this "Sustainable Quality" mark is an added value for the company, and we are happy to let you know that, from the 2022 harvest, the grapes harvested from the vineyards Althea, now have the SQNPI certification.

In our company, which is located in the heart of the UNESCO Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the cultivation of vineyards takes place using methods that are deeply respectful of the environment. In our vineyards we adopt even more restrictive measures than those required by the Viticultural Protocol of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. We favor the use of organic fertilizers and follow the innovative practice of "sexual confusion" as a method of controlling harmful parasites.

The production, according to the SQNPI system, allows both to comply with the legal obligations on integrated pest management by the PAN (National Action Plan) for the sustainable use of plant protection products, and to respond to the demands of a market that is now increasingly attentive to the methods of cultivation of raw materials.

To obtain the certification of the National Quality System of Integrated Production it is necessary to follow a precise procedure that includes:
- Request for the service by the company by filling out the appropriate certification application on the site, choosing the control body among those accredited;
- Preliminary assessment by ICEA, the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification. It has the task of assessing whether what is reported in the application submitted meets the requirements of the specification and all the measures that the company intends to take to ensure compliance with the rules;
- Closure of the procedure after the execution of the compliance checks by ICEA, which will then proceed to insert the results of the control activity;
- Issue of certificates of conformity by ICEA in case of a positive outcome of the verification, and identification of products through the appropriate distinctive mark of "Sustainable Quality".

This certification testifies to the growing commitment of our company to make viticulture in our territory increasingly sustainable.

SORRY, THIS ENTRY IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. Please write to, if you would like to know more about this article.

Starting from the 2022 harvest, the grapes harvested in our estate vineyards have the certification of the National Integrated Production Quality System (SQNPI).